Below you will find videos showcasing my work to-date. All timelapse clips within each of the showreels can be licenced individually.

Should you wish to licence my work, please note that some individual shots require permission from the land or property owner before release.




Norway Showreel - 2014

This showreel was shot over a 4 day / 900km road trip around south west Norway during September 2014


Cuba Showreel - Teaser 

This is a short teaser which I released before the full Cuba showreel (see above). It is a complete holy grail clip shot from the 23rd floor of the Habana Libre hotel in Havana, Cuba.


End of year showreel - 2012  

Locations - Manchester (UK), Salford Quays (UK), Delamere Forest (UK), Sandown, Fishbourne, Newtown, Tennyson Down and Freshwater Bay on Isle of Wight (UK), and Rome (Italy).



Norway Showreel - 2013

Locations: Bergen, Norway. Gudvangen, Norway. Flåm, Norway. Tvindefossen Waterfall, Norway

Cuba Showreel - 2013

In March 2013 I spent 15 days in Cuba. During my time there, with the understanding of a particularly patient girlfriend I was able to shoot some time-lapse, and this is the final result.

Cuba is one of the amazing places I have ever been. The people, the kindness, the culture, the history, the dignity, the beautiful landscapes are all things that will stay with me. I hope you enjoy my work.